Liviu Florian Jianu: APPROVED (trad. de Mirela Teodorescu)

News was spread like wildfire. God open a Public Relation Office. In a country not so great. Not so small. In a town neither too big. Neither too small. In a district neither too rich, or too poor. In building neither too luxurious, or miserable. In this office named “ Ask, and it will be given to you”, God received petitions from people, He analysed them, and assigned resolution: approved or unapproved.

The interior of house was modest. A room. A chair. On a table, a computer, on which the petitioner edited the petition. And a printer, on which was printed God’s resolution.

In first days, the office “Ask, and it will be given to you” was taken by storm. The waiting line laid on scores and scores of kilometres around it. A strange thing came to light also in first days. On all petitions given by petitioners, God put only one resolution: APPROVED. There wasn’t any petition to be refused. This is a real proof of God great-heartedness.

However, also from first days appeared the troubles. A citizen requested a ground very central. God approved the petition. The same area had, while, already another owner. He waited for his turn and requested also the ground that belongs him. And similarly cases were by thounsands. A citizen requested to be exempted for all state contributions. God approved. The State requested also, through volunteer lawyers, compulsory of contribution for all citizens. God approved. Anothers citizens requested others goods. God approved. The sffected citizens of this decision, requested goods back, even more, goods belongs others citizens as moral vexations. God approved. A woman falled in love with another woman asked to officialize their relation, through marrige. God approved. Church reacted quick and requested marrige cancelation. God approved. It was requested legalization of all sins. God approved. The churches impended to unfrock Him, and requested the sins abolition. God approved.

The states decided that is the moment to request. And they requested: economic domination, global supremacy, unilateral acces to resources. God approved. Seeing how easy were carryed out requests, the outs from each state overbid. It requested universal economic supremacy, universal power, the power of all paralel universes. God approved. The power striked back, and to assure the election, asked divine power and supremacy. God approved. But did not take long time, and states as citizen, understood that have in hands only a simply piece of paper. On that paper was edited simply and legible the petition, and at bottom was written only one word: APPROVED. And God signature. So. Neither trump. Neither warranty.

The outrage of governs and states was great. Greater was outrage of opposition. Greater was outrage of citizens. By stones, by sticks, by slings, by bottles, by revolvers, and guns, by aircraft carriers and armada, by divisions and nuclear  arsenals, office “Ask and it will be given to you”  was surrounded, and God summoned to go out, of  in front of wilderness and armed power jointed and unbound. To account for derision addressed to sovereign divine creation:human being.

At the first challenge, from office came out an old man who could hardly stand. With a grey beret on his head. Bent of loin. With face skin pigmented. With the hands a little trembling. With small eyes, kept open with a certain difficulty, as a poult under sunshine.

“In the name of humanity, justify you!”, whooped the loudspeakers.

“My dears”, said with difficulty old man, “I didn’t want, and I haven’t hart to refuse anything. A citizen, named Paul, who is reminded me that I met him,told me: “All are allowed me, but not all are usefull me.” I approved homicides. I ask you: Put I any pistol at your temple to kill? No. You had, and you have all freedom. I approved lies, thefts, all sins. Have I sent divisions of which I am now surrounded, to commit them?

No. You had, and you have all freedom. I approved suffering. You jointed with it, or you were uncaring? It was also said somewhere, I don’t remember where, sometime: “What do you want to make for you human being, those to make also you to them”. I approved everything, to be approved all for me?… No. Only just to be you content… But you, when request, do you know what have you requested? I whose prejudice? Have you ever been in my place? If you love by all heart, and all conscience, somebody, could you refuse something? I can’t refuse anybody. Because one life of suffering, is enough. “

An the old man entered in the office, slowly, slowly.

Blockade retreated, someway disarmed.

It was also another continuation. Next day came on the Earth all celestial powers. They waited for their turn whole days      at God’s office. Then every angel, seraphim, cherub, archangel, toured whole world, and left at everybody’s human being door, a heavy pack of petitions, approved by God, in blank.

11 iulie 2011


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