Book Review: IOAN CONSTANTIN DIMA, ŞTEFAN VLĂDUŢESCU (2012). Persuasion Elements Used in Logistical Negotiation: Persuasive Logistical Negotiation, by Mirela Teodorescu

Lambert Academic Publishing

Persuasion Elements Used in Logistical Negotiation: Persuasive Logistical Negotiation

                                                                   By Ioan Constantin Dima, Stefan Vladutescu


On the 21st century, the producers are looking every time for improving the process, the flow to be more and efficiently, to increase the quality of products, to save the costs, to amaze the consumer.

Producer continuously optimize the production flow, improve the personnel performances through trainings, increase the uptime of equipment through efficient maintenance (preventive, corrective, accidental, predictive, proactive maintenance, spare parts supply, trained operators, equipment monitoring application), appropriate logistic for material flow (in shops and between shops) applying concepts like “just in time”, just in place”, “kanban” online through IT applications, barcode labels, RFID reader/writer (tags). All of these,  besides  accuracy ERS, BOM, MRP applications of the product, concur to reduce the “cycle time” of product and to accomplish the producer goals.

On the other hand, the product has to be sold. The consumer has to believe that this product is the best. How? – through  persuasion and conviction.

Reading this book there is the temptation to pendulate between “The Greatest Salesman in the world” by Og  Mandino and “The goal excuse the means” by N. Machiavelli.

This book is written by two specialists, one in economics, the other in communication, both of them very concerned of the subject. They tried to introduce the reader in fascinated world of persuasive communication in logistical negotiation.

The book is a real challenge for the readers!

Mirela Teodorescu

Craiova, Romania

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