15 axes of communication

PhD Stefan Vladutescu


In communication we registered 15 axes: communication ontology, communication epistemology, communication methodology, communication axiology, communication history, communication psychology, communication sociology, communication anthropology, communication hermeneutics, communication praxeology, communication ethics, communication logics, communication ecology, communication philosophy, communication law.


Directly said, discipline is communication, axis are specialities of communication: communication ontology, communication methodology, communication history etc. We see that 15 approaching axis not as external branches of athers sciencies or theories, but as internal coordinates of communication domain. Understanding that any theory that somebody will emit it will be registed voluntary or involuntary in iradiation of an axis, we shall think the communication free and to develop its study on what direction we want. Additionaly, an extended area will permit to eventual points of view para-consistent or contradictory to find inside, and not outside of communication a mediator. The axis are organisational infusion and cogitative mediators. They envelop convergent the research spectrum heretofore. At the same time, let place to  develop the divergences to large horizons.


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