STEFAN VLADUTESCU: The communicative instance. Din cărțile Profesorilor

Communication emergence take place  unreasonable quickly under the pressure of a construction which is placed ontological in preliminary of a communication initiation. Human being propensity toward communication is a cognitive construct  previous. Any human being has impregnated in his cognitive and cogitative fund  structures to start a hare of communication. Previous communication kernels appears as some connectors that makes, passive, relation before that „electric signal” to be released. These previous connection „cables” are cogitative potential structures. Without to graduate a certain school any person has idea how to achieve a communication. Communication is, in its basically components, o habituation as walking, cycling, running etc. Communication doesn’t need education or special training to put it into effect. To communicate is, principal, a habituation as any other. From here results the fact that initialization and the rolling on of  a communication are basal cultural habituations of human being.

Communication is a process with a quickly emergence, because human being is built cultural and for communication. There is a previous “science “ of communication and a previous know-how of communication that are visible in communication practice. Human being is fundamental communicational being. Communication is not at all a simple thing. But communicational potential of human being it is so high, but that it seems that a communication  is originated   by itself. Cultural facility of human being determines an unreasonable quickly edification of communication. Communication construction is produced under initial automated control of an communicative instance. The cultural facilities are previous connectors through which will be put into action a concrete communication. Previous cultural facilities allows installing of an communication  instance which conducts initial automatic  communication releasing and which further generates communication rolling on.

Electric current of communication makes to be constitutes communication and persons to become communicators. The instance who configures, commands and controls communication release and communication performing-finalization communication instance. Also communication instance is that one who validates persons as communicators.

Communication generates communicators as communicators. It generates them, it constitutes them. Without communication, persons are not communicators. Communication endows them with a special and fundamental role: that one of communicator.  Communication impregnates with a role. The person becomes communicator only if communication is constituted. By entering in communication area take place accreditation as communicator. Accreditation is made by communication instance and also it is that one which defines the profile of specific communicator. Instance decide if somebody is and what kind of communicator is he.

As it is known, nobody can get in as communicator, so that to induce a communication of which who is pointed to not be aware. Communicators communicate as “communicators”. If an intervenient is not accredited as communicator, he doesn’t accede in communication. We know that communication means “communization”. An intervenient no accredited as such, he hasn’t what to communize. Communicational contribution of an no accredited intervenient is ignored. To have something to say in communication neither communicator is coming too late. Validation as communicator is made according to goal, presence, expectations, requirements, desires etc. Communication delays the no accredited ones. Adapting principles (Burgoon-Stern-Dillman) shows that in communication can’t accede only through adaptation, and adapting it is a process, and not a simple instant moment. On the other hand, is well-known “the goal/grasp model” which presents and describes “how people come to evaluate and choose the other people as communicators” (Liska J. R., Cronkhite G., 1995, p. 77).

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