By  Liviu Florian Jianu

Once, upon a time, there was an ugly flower.

She hasn’t color, she hasn’t petals, she hasn’t smell, she was pale and shapeless, and all the other flowers, and all pedestrians who look at her, told themselves: Look, what an ugly flower!

The flower would has wished to have also something to offer to sun, flowers, and people. But, she hasn’t anything to give. Until someday, when she starts to cry.


The sun, above, looking happy the terrestrial globe full of beautiful flowers, nectarous, and smiling, he has seen shining the water drops of ugly flower.

–           Why are you crying flower? Asked her, the sun. When everybody is so happy, are you crying?

The flower  startled. Has the sun even spoken her?

–           Yes, yes, answered the sun, who read the mind of flowers, just me.

–           I am crying because I have nothing to give flowers, people, and you, Sire.

–           But you gave me to see the most beautiful flower of the world, floweret!

–           Who, Sire?

–           Your eyes, floweret.

The ugly flower, lost one’s voice, and hearing, and all sense, because of happiness. When she waked up, she cried out to the others flowers:

–           The sun talked to me!

–           How stupid, you are! Answered her, the others flowers. The sun is talking all the flowers!

–           All right, but also I have spoken to the sun!

–           How childish, you are! All the flowers are talking to the sun!

–           All right, but he told me I am the most beautiful flower of the world!

–           Hah! Hah! Hah! Don’t  see how ugly are you?

–           He told me that my eyes are the most beautiful!

–           The flowers have no eyes, silly!

The ugly flower say no more. Maybe I dreamed. But she was so happy. What a nice dream! Because it was gave it to me to live it, I know what I have to do, said the flower herself. I shall drink less water from earth. I shall take less light from the sun. I shall feed less myself. Then, with everything that remained, it will feed the flowers children surrounding me, elder flowers, and so weakness of power, and all other flowers.

So that made the ugly flower. And drop by drop, around her, the flowers children, elder flowers, modest flowers, got light, water and food, while vista in which lived the ugly flower became the most beautiful garden of the terrestrial globe.

One day, a child has seen the vista. What beautiful flowers, grandfather! And there in the middle, do you see that flower shining like the sun?

The grandfather consoled on his crown and told him:

– This is a rare flower, my child. She lives to make gifts to sun, flowers and people.

–           What is her name, grandfather?

–           …”Eyes light”…

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